CDC GAMING SEMINAR SERIES: From Data to Dollars: AI-Powered Marketing for the Casino Industry

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2024 | Time: 1 PM – 2 PM EDT

Speaker: Mridula Rahmsdorf, CRO, IKASI 

Did you know that AI for casino marketing is proven to boost revenue by 12-15%, increase customer visits, and optimize marketing operations?

Uncover the inefficiencies in traditional marketing strategies, such as misdirected player reinvestment due to limited data.

Learn how AI is revolutionizing the game with hyper-personalization through predictive analytics, empowering casinos to optimize operations and maximize ROI. We will delve into how AI can:

  • Predict individual spending behaviors
  • Customize marketing offers to enhance each customer’s experiences
  • Offer real-time offer adjustments for each individual

We will also offer strategies for stakeholder education and engagement:

  • Addressing data security concerns
  • Choosing between in-house or outsourced AI solutions.

Join us to learn and discuss AI’s role in casino marketing’s ability to address upcoming challenges at scale.