Know your customer better than they know themselves

Increase your revenue with easy-to-use marketing automation AI platform. 5-7%  typical increase in net revenue.

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increased net revenue within year 1


Averaging a 7% net increase within one year and steady increases thereafter. 

save time

3 days to 3 hours

Reduction in market segmentation process for typical customer

ROI like you have never seen before


 Proprietary, patented AI: causal, reinforcement, supervised, and unsupervised

Increase loyalty

Over 13%

Increase in total customer trips for a retail giant

outstanding results, even during the pandemic

“An investment in AI is paramount to thrive in today’s challenging and competitive environment. At Tachi Palace, I led an extensive search to find the right partner for us. IKASI was the perfect fit. They provide an innovative platform, world class data scientists and industry expertise. They have been fantastic to work with, delivering everything they promised and most importantly, driving incremental revenue that is delivering over 15x ROI!”

Peter Weisz

Tachi Palace Casino Resort

AI at scale

IKASI makes state-of-the-art algorithms available to your business,
so you benefit from the data you already have on hand.

customized nano-segments

Our AI process uses over 2,000+ real and synthetic data points to create customized nano-segments. This is almost impossible to be done by a human data science team. It can only be achieved by machines.

focus on your mvps

Grow your revenues by focusing on your MVPs—Most Valuable and Profitable customers.

precision matters

Nano-segmentation technology (patented) ensures that you are spending valuable marketing dollars on the right customers in the right places at the right time.

appropriate reinvestment

Identify customers that are “at-risk” of spend reduction and prevent defection with appropriate reinvestment.

Free up time

IKASI’s expertise in automation software reduces the time required for manual data entry, eliminates errors, and frees up marketing staff for revenue generation processes.

evolve with your customers

IKASI AI continuously learns over time, so while you see a lift in revenue within the first month, your net profits will continue to increase over time. 


No matter what domain you’re in, if you have the data, we have the data science.





Build a premium brand. Exceed revenue goals. OUtpace the competition.

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