Then meet with us. We are a team of seasoned data scientists ready to optimize proprietary, advanced AI and ML models for your success. We’ll show you how IKASI directly impacts your P&L and differentiates your premium brand from the others. IKASI appropriately tunes reinvestment rates for optimal recommendation results tailored for each individual.

Our customers see a 7-13% net revenue increase within the first year, with an immediate impact on P&L in just a few days.


IKASI AI continuously performs and analyzes rapid experiments based on over 2,000 data points. The result is more accuracy and precision with individualized recommendations that improve over time. IKASI wasn’t built overnight and isn’t another GenAI company. 

With IKASI, it’s like having a giant team of data scientists on staff who’ve been there for years and have already done the hard work.

What’s more… 

There’s no need to integrate into your data infrastructure.

We outpace and outperform BI and Analytics platforms MoM and YoY
without requiring integration into your stack or high compute costs.

We don’t use personally identifiable information.

No need to worry about data breaches or non-compliance on our side.
We use de-identified data while delivering individualized recommendations.

Now what? 

We can’t wait to meet with you and build a plan that best fits your use case.
And we are saving the best for last. Our win-win pricing model that you won’t believe. 

So what are you waiting for? 

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