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IKASI gives companies the chance to know their customers as never before. IKASI’s proprietary AI technology helps companies identify their best customers and sell more to those customers while consistently maximizing customer retention.

IKASI helps to grow your revenues by focusing on your Most Valuable and Profitable Customers—your MVPs. You’re given the opportunity to know your own customers even better and to sell them even more. But IKASI’s proprietary technology also does what no other AI-based system can yet do: it identifies “at-risk” customer relationships with pinpoint accuracy and gives you the tools to repair these relationships before it’s too late.

In helping you set your sights on your most profitable customers, IKASI empowers you to upsell and increase revenues per customer as never before. IKASI’s AI software pinpoints customers ready for more and shepherds them as they change direction, making highly-personalized product suggestions. In cultivating your MVPs or “stars,” IKASI gives you the means to drive sales upward.

But here is where IKASI truly shines. Our software determines which customers are most likely to leave and which are most likely to stay if you take the time to engage them. IKASI’s ability to identify “at-risk” accounts on the basis of uploaded customer transaction and interaction history—as well as other sources of data—is unprecedented. We move beyond time-consuming, often wasteful, segmentation to focus on accurately identifying “at-risk” subscribers.

The platform also targets those new customers most similar to your current MVPs, boosting your conversion rates exponentially. The most qualified leads are identified almost instantly, radically shortening your sales cycle.

IKASI’s AI-based system is fundamentally empowering. We do so much analysis for you that the design of any marketing campaign becomes almost self-evident. No more confused interactions with technical teams. Now that you know exactly who you are targeting (by name!), strategy centers almost entirely on highly-specific, extremely individualized, messaging and appeals. IKASI renders crude, “hit or miss” marketing campaigns obsolete. We give you a nice, simple, clean list of customers that is accurate and actionable now.

Crucially, we also provide exceptional onboarding and outstanding support services. It took some of the country’s top engineers more than four years to make IKASI’s AI platform a reality. This patent pending technology is as powerful as it is (seemingly) simple.

Backed by VC, we at IKASI are enormously proud of what we have accomplished so far. The journey continues, but our top-notch results, our innovative culture, and our guiding work ethic have helped to establish us as a company to watch!

Ultimately, we at IKASI have a simple mission: help companies understand their customers as individuals. No other insight or realization is likely to prove as beneficial to the bottom line.


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