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About us

IKASI means “learn” in Basque language. Learning is what makes our software so powerful. Our software uses your organization’s tracked data in an innovative way. It not only analyzes existing customer behavior, but it also accurately predicts future behavior and learns to be more precise, as more data is collected.  We can help you optimize your marketing strategy by using AI, resulting in more customer visits and higher spending per customer.

Our Mission is to provide predictive AI customer data analysis to drive profitable business results

The IKASI Team

IKASI is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our team members come from a variety of organizations including Facebook, Capital One, Stanford, and Caltech.


Anthony Chong

Anthony is CEO/Co-Founder of IKASI. Prior to his work here, he led the Data Science team at Adaptly where he helped grow the team from 3 people in an apartment to ~80.

He serves on the board of his alma mater’s Alumni Association (Caltech BS, Computer Science), along with serving on the Board of Advisors for the Science Education Initiative. Anthony enjoys attempting (and failing) to break Sean’s unbeaten table tennis streak.

Nolan Fox

Nolan’s background is steeped in analytics. At Capital One, he worked on heavy spender valuations (not, contrary to his family’s beliefs, making Venture commercials). As a data scientist at Adaptly, he met the two other guys pictured here.

Then, at Facebook, he worked on, helping to expand internet access. He enjoys traveling, college football, hiking in Argyle socks, bourbon on the rocks, and eating at restaurants with obscure cuisine and middling sanitation ratings.

Sean Shillo

Sean leads the effort in technology until that day that the new robot overlords can take over. He first learned to code when he was 10 so that he could make a sweet geocities site with buttons that changed colors on hover!

Since then the projects have become more complex, but his passion for building and learning new things has never stopped. Outside of work, Sean tries to travel to countries on the do not fly list as well as partaking in eccentric fitness activities.


At IKASI, the team comes from competent individuals who are empowered to take initiatives.
We believe that good talent is rare but that we should always hire people smarter than us.

Company Culture and Values

Continuous Learning

We encourage an atmosphere of continuous learning. That includes internal and external opportunities for professional development. We also see great potential for growth through peer-to-peer mentorship.

Remote Working

We value our employees and understand their need for work-life balance. This is why we offer a seamless remote work option for those who wish to work from home.

Integrity and Respect

Team members who feel valued and appreciated are happier and more productive. We embrace the diversity and unique talents of each person who works with us. We also emphasize the importance of accountability, and respect for each other’s time and priorities.

A Vision for Future Possibilities

Each member of our team is encouraged to think outside of the box. We can build a better company when employees dare to dream!

Join the team!

We’re always looking for new talent. Are you ready to make a move in the right direction? Contact us and tell us why you’d like to work with IKASI.