Treat each customer as an individual investment.

Using our proven, proprietary AI, we personalize your pricing promotions and investments to generate new revenue while reducing unnecessary marketing spend.

“It’s like having an Individual P&L for each customer.” – Global Travel Retailer

By identifying previously unavailable revenue, IKASI significantly increases your income 

  • Results reflect pure profits and cost savings and are easy to measure.
  • IKASI monitors and personalizes your strategy and investment on an individual basis, running concurrent experiments to see what promotions and interventions will drive better PnL.
  • IKASI extends autonomous experiments at a massive scale to continuously explore and revisit new strategies, to attain correct-sized investments for each customer and:
    • Increase the frequency of visits 
    • Encourage more spend per visit
    • Increase their Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Our algorithms continuously monitor and optimize client acquisition, retention, and growth.
  • Integration is simple and fast. Our new generational tools sit alongside your existing database.


      Total Customer Transactions


      Net Revenue

      Integration and Results in

      Days not Months

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