An Innovative Approach to Casino Revenue and Loyalty

Are you leaving money on the table? Is revenue flat due to rising competition?

Then hedge your bets on IKASI for immediate and long-term
increases in revenue and return customer visits.

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We talk to many casinos struggling to boost profits, loyalty, and frequency of visits.
This is due to outdated ways of figuring out what players want, rising marketing costs, and increased competition.

Because they rely on limited data to determine player reinvestment, results are inefficient, slow, and error-prone.
With generalized recommendations based on limited information, most player reinvestment campaigns simply fall flat.
This results in reduced visits, loss of revenue opportunity, and churn.

With the pressure to improve overall Net Theoretical (ONT) and average daily theoretical (ADT) player reinvestment,
new techniques must be implemented to meet business goals.


This is where IKASI comes in. Built and constantly improved upon since 2012, IKASI’s patented and proven AI revolutionizes loyalty rewards customized for each individual. With IKASI, you will boost customer retention, visits, and spending without needing a technical team or integrating technology. 

IKASI has helped casinos create individualized rewards that bring in more local player visits by 5-10%, increase revenue by 7-13%, and increase Net Theo by 19%.


Fierce Competition

Casinos are not just competing against each other but also contending with online gaming, sports betting, and other entertainment options.

Customer Retention

Keeping folks coming back can be tough. IKASI’s got tricks beyond regular loyalty programs – delivering hyper-personalized for each player.

Revenue Growth

Traditional marketing falls short. IKASI helps upsell to the right people, resulting in more return visits and spend from every player.

What ikasi does


More than just their names, it knows what players want in real-time. No more generic offers that don’t work! 

IKASI anticipates player needs in real-time, enabling casino operators to dynamically adjust their players’ reinvestments.

Deep Customer Understanding

Predicts individual player needs, adjusts reinvestments, and suggests tailored rewards that work.

IKASI proactively suggests tailored rewards and predicts responses to marketing offers by continuously analyzing players’ behaviors.

Builds Gamification and Engagement

IKASI makes rewards fun and interactive, and keeps players loyal and coming back.

With gamification, IKASI transforms loyalty rewards into an individualized experience. Players are motivated to earn rewards.


Increased Customer Retention

Players feel special and stay loyal even in the face of fierce competition.

With personalized rewards and experiences, players feel valued and understood, creating a connection beyond the allure of competing casinos or online platforms.

Always-On, Upselling

IKASI spots perfect, individualized upsell opportunities to boost revenue.

IKASI identifies prime moments to upsell to each unique customer. IKASI creates a dynamic and continuous “loop” of reinvestment decisions, driving additional casino visits and revenue.

Grow Marketing ROI

Smarter marketing reaches the right players with the right incentives at the right time.

IKASI’s AI algorithms continuously learn and improve month after month, creating a sustainable increase. Casinos can ensure marketing is increasingly targeted.

The Financial Impact? HUGE.

IKASI customers see a 7-13% Net Increase, with immediate revenue in weeks.

IKASI gets smarter with proprietary, patented AI. This improves customer satisfaction, increases visits, and provides a more strategic, impactful approach to marketing expenditures.

More Precision, Less Errors

IKASI automation limits costly manual errors in casino management systems. 

IKASI interacts with your database without seeing personally identifiable information. You don’t have to worry about IKASI compromising your customers’ data security and privacy.

No Tech Stress – Just Wins

Start winning with IKASI in just a few days with zero tech headaches.

 No integration is needed into your existing stack, and the platform does not require additional costs associated wtih storage or compute.

IKASI is the answer for casino pros looking to boost profits, player reinvestment, and more. Don’t miss out on this game-changer.

Let’s level up your casino game. Don’t leave money on the table unless it’s on IKASI. 

Get a FREE – PREDICTED REVENUE INCREASE analysis based on the number of slots in your casino.

Case study

Southern California Casino


A Southern California Native American casino experienced growing competition from five local casinos, losing customers and revenue.


IKASI automated the market segmentation process to serve the Casino’s players better. Using our proprietary, proven AI technology, IKASI reclassified individual customers based on the frequency of visits, distance from the property, seasonality, zip code, profitability, gaming behavior, activity per visit, and more. Over 2,000 real and synthetic data points were used to create offers for the player.

These offers were then automatically adjusted monthly to calculate over and under-investments for individual players. Not only that, it took days to implement, and they saw results in weeks. No technical requirements were needed within the casino. 


  Customer trips increased to 4.7 per month.

  Net Theo win increased by 19%.

  A 2-tier increase in offers for players within 65 miles brought 5-10% more players into the casino.

  The Casino expanded its existing facility to accommodate their growing customer base.

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