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Receive quantified, highly-personalized predictions of customer behavior—based on interaction and transaction histories—in mere minutes. Upload data and receive instant access to focused customer lists. Make burned out sales and marketing teams a thing of the past.

Share key data insights across the organization. Understand customer preferences and which customers to target—and when—almost instantly. Build marketing campaigns quickly. Avoid having to wait for data science to explain key insights to sales and marketing.

Target and engage with customers at every stage of the buying journey to gain deeper insight into individual customer experiences. Greater engagement generates greater wallet share. Identify those customers moving through the stages smoothly as well as those that need help.

Upsell and Increase Revenue Per Customer

“How can I sell more to my existing customers?”

IKASI’s AI software pinpoints customers ready for more. Our platform identifies those ready to upgrade and makes highly-personalized product suggestions. To drive sales upward, set your sights on your most profitable customers.

Reduce Churn and Increase Retention

“Which customers are most at-risk of leaving?”

IKASI knows which of your customers are most at-risk and also knows which can be retained if you reach out and engage. Slash your churn rates by being proactive.

Increase sales and improve acquisition

“Which leads are most likely to buy?”

Identify your best leads in minutes. Learn to target prospects similar to your best customers. Use the right focus to shrink your sales cycle.

Increase Conversion Rates

“My marketing campaign conversion rate is low”

Maximize resources by focusing on your MVPs. Cut out activities that don’t add value. Watch your conversion rates skyrocket.


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